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هاتف الكاتيل أوفيس 1350 (DECT) - أسود

Alcatel Office 1350 Handset (DECT) - Black
  • Alcatel Office 1350 Handset DECT Image

هاتف الكاتيل أوفيس 1350 (DECT) - أسود

الريال السعودي : 99

الريال السعودي. 68


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ضمان : 2 الشهور

الوصف :

The security and comfort of a corded phone associated to the mobility of a cordless phone. A business dedicated answer-phone with large storage capacity. Large character and backlit display for a perfect visual comfort. Quality hands free mode to share your conversations. 50 name and number phonebook to easily contact your main correspondents. Calling Line ldentification to know who is calling you before hanging off. Evolutive system with base expandable to 5 handsets.
اللون Black
Directory Name And Number (Base+ Handset) 50
Last Number Rec:all (Base+ Handset) Yes
Hands Free Function Yes
Keypad Lock Yes
Mute Function Yes
Automatic Call Answer / Hang Up Yes
Pre-dialling Yes
Alarm Function Yes
Handset Search (paging) Yes

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