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باناسونيك KX-TS880MX المتكاملة واحدة خط هاتف - الأبيض

Panasonic KX-TS880MX Integrated Single Line Telephone - White

باناسونيك KX-TS880MX المتكاملة واحدة خط هاتف - الأبيض

الريال السعودي : 179

الريال السعودي. 126


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ضمان : 12 الشهور

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The Panasonic Integrated Telephone is ideal for home or office. This top quality corded phone is designed to use for better communication purposes. Its long curl cord allows you to use the telephone at distant locations without any problems at all. It features easy-to-read LCD display with different parameters.

اللون White
Type Telephone
Keypad Alphanumeric
Speed Dial 10 Entries
Volume Settings Yes
Speakerphone Yes
Curl Cord Length 39 Cm
Ringer Volume Off, Low & High
Redial Memory 20 Number
Dial Lock Yes
Caller ID Yes
Ringer Indicator Yes
Hand Free Yes

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