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SF-400 ميزان مطبخ إلكتروني 7 كيلو - أبيض

SF-400 7kg Electronic Kitchen Scale - White
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SF-400 ميزان مطبخ إلكتروني 7 كيلو - أبيض

الريال السعودي : 48

الريال السعودي. 29


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Baking is quick, easy and more enjoyable with the innovative Dual Pour Kitchen Scale. food scale is only one of the measuring tools you will need. The food scale with ultra-precision count. Minimize the error & anti-fingerprint technology, offers superior performance and easy to use.
اللون White
Type Electronic Kitchen Scale
Feature Weigh Up To 7 Kg
Feature Auto Calibration
Feature Tare Full Capacity
Feature Auto Off In 30s Idling Time
Operation Temperature 10-30 Celcius

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