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سانفورد SF326TL الهاتف

Sanford SF326TL Telephone

الريال السعودي : 350

الريال السعودي. 309


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من السهل العودة واستبدالها

خيارات الدفع : ( دفع على تسليم )

ضمان : 12 الشهور

الوصف :

Unique and modern, the Sanford Telephone comes with features of recording ICM and conversation. It compatible to sent and save maximum of 60 minutes of messages. The screen shows date and time and it supports remote access.

Display Type 12 Digit LCD Display
Selectable Ring Tones 8 Kinds Of Ringing Tone For Selection
Hands Free Yes
Features 2 Groups OGM Can Be Recorded By User

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