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سانفورد SF344TL 12 أرقام شاشة LCD الهاتف

Sanford SF344TL 12 Digit LCD Display Telephone

سانفورد SF344TL 12 أرقام شاشة LCD الهاتف

الريال السعودي : 109

الريال السعودي. 89


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ضمان : 12 الشهور

الوصف :

For hassle-free conversations, the Sandford telephone is just what you need. It offers great voice clarity, so you can have long and uninterrupted conversations with loved ones. You can adjust the ringtone volume to meet your convenience.

Type Telephone
Display Type 12 Digit LCD Display
Selectable Ring Tones Yes
Hands Free Yes
Function Alarm
Compatable With FSK & DTMF System
Feature Talking Caller ID And Reminder, Records Incoming & Outgoing Calls

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